What's new for September 2013

05/09/2013 10:20

Andrew Lyle

Hi gang!

Today we've released a few updates that we hope you all will be happy with!

We've updated your Ebay Settings page to make the pricing structure a little easier. Your prices should be transferred over correctly.
The new pricing layout is very similar to your website pricing table, allowing you to add incremental prices to sizes categories and charge additional for ladies and mens fitted tshirts.

Your eBay Retrieve will now automatically include what style you posted to eBay, check your Shopping Cart after you retrieve your orders!

You will also notice your eBay Options have been moved from your Shopping Cart to your Ebay Settings page - and your settings can be individually managed now per eBay account.

The "Use Strict Retrieve Settings" will work great for accounts that sell various items, not just tshirts. Your eBay retrieve will now pickup only tshirtgang products and ignore other items you may be selling. Only use this feature if you use your eBay account for selling multiple things.

Tshirtgang Websites
If you currently have a website through Tshirtgang, you'll now be able to disable automatically posting to your store through your Account Settings (located at the top of every page). Toggle this off if you do not want newly uploaded items, or items created by designers, to be automatically pushed to your website.

We will be rolling out a big update for tshirtgang websites later today that include a number of general fixes and new features. Check your store for update notifications and be sure to keep "Automatically Update Software" enabled to receive the latest updates and security patches!

Happy selling!

Developer / Project Manager
Support Tickets
Twitter: @phpandrew
06/09/2013 12:25

Skit Designs

Thank You Andrew for all the hard work...
27/10/2013 05:27



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